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For Steve Kobrin's Jewish Meditation Class

“Meditation, Judaism, and Self-Mastery”
Let’s reclaim our spiritual heritage!


We will complete our study of Hitbodedut – “Isolation” – with a survey of references to this mediation throughout Jewish teachings.

We will also discuss how to deal with problems encountered when meditating, such as discouragement.

Passover schedule of classes:
Wednesday April 7: 8pm

Sunday April 11: 8pm

Student questions currently being researched:

“I am curious why ‘purchasing / re-purchasing.’ How to better understand it? ‘Re-purchases’ from whom?”

“What does Judaism say about astrology (Mazalot?)”

“Can the Messiah be a woman?”

The Traditions: Internal Isolation
Rabbi Kaplan – “Meditation and the Bible”

Review -Internal Isolation, pp 1 -3
Basic vocabulary
One word – Hitbodedut
To be alone
Physical and internal isolation
Important to prophetic experience


Sources, pp 10 – 15
Hai Gaon
Ibn Ezra
R Jacob Ben Asher
R Shem Tov ibn Shaprut
R Joseph Albo
The Ari
R Elazar Alkazri
R Emanuel Frances
R Israel Baal Shem Tov
The Chida
Rebi Nachman

Best practices for meditation
Bhante Gunaratana, “Mindlfulness in Plain English,”
Problems, pp 97 – 107
Discouragement, pp 104 – 105