I am organizing and facilitating this class based on the following:

Personal experience with various self-development approaches, both Eastern and Western, since 1975, including training in Bagua Kung Fu and meditation under Shifu Raymond Ahles since 2011;

Continuous study of the teachings of Rabbi Kaplan since 1984.

In addition to Shifu Ahles, my primary resources for self-development include:

Matt Furey

Commander Mark Divine

Steve Siebold

Maxwell Maltz, MD

Napolean Hill

In addition to Rabbi Kaplan, my primary resources for Jewish thought and practice include:

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Rabbi David Fohrman

Rabbi Menachem Liebtag

Rabbi Hakham Jose Faur

Rabbi Israel Chait

Steve is also the founder and president of a national life insurance brokerage: The Firm of Steven H. Kobrin, LUTCF

Rabbi Kaplan

Aryeh Moshe Eliyahu Kaplan (Hebrew: אריה משה אליהו קפלן‎; October 23, 1934 – January 28, 1983)[1][2] was an American Orthodox rabbi, author, and translator known for his knowledge of physics and kabbalah.[3][4] He was lauded as an original thinker and prolific writer and is most well known for his translations of the Torah, writings on Kabbalah, and introductory pamphlets on Jewish beliefs and philosophy.[5] His works are often regarded as a significant factor in the growth of the baal teshuva movement.[6][7]