Resource Room

For Steve Kobrin's Jewish Meditation Class

“Meditation, Judaism, and Self-Mastery”
Let’s reclaim our spiritual heritage!


We will examine the meditative techniques employed by the prophets and mystics, starting with Hitbodedut – “Isolation.”

We will also discuss how to deal with problems encountered when meditating, such as agitation. 

Passover schedule of classes:
Sunday March 21: 8pm
Wednesday March 31: 8pm
Wednesday April 7: 8pm
Sunday April 11: 8pm


Student questions currently being researched:

“I am curious why ‘purchasing / re-purchasing.’ How to better understand it? ‘Re-purchases’ from whom?”

“What does Judaism say about astrology (Mazalot?)”

“Can the Messiah be a woman?”

The Traditions
Rabbi Kaplan – “Meditation and the Bible,” Introduction

Methods used by prophets
Classical sources
Two methods
Many Biblical references to meditation
The meditation vocabulary
Exploration of sources
Role of meditative techniques
Prophetic methods and experiences
Meditative states
Classical sources
New Biblical meaning

Internal Isolation
Rabbi Kaplan – “Meditation and the Bible,” pp 1 – 4

Basic vocabulary
One word – Hitbodedut
To be alone
Physical and internal isolation
Important to prophetic experience
The human brain
Aldous Huxley
The extra mundane
Reducing valve
See the state
Eliminate the static

Modern parallel: Champions Escape Excessive Cognition

Steven Siebold, “177 Mental Toughness Secrets,” pp 242 – 243

Best practices for meditation
Bhante Gunaratana, “Mindlfulness in Plain English,”
Problems, pp 97 – 107
Agitation, pp 102- 103