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For Steve Kobrin's Jewish Meditation Class

“Meditation, Judaism, and Self-Mastery”
Let’s reclaim our spiritual heritage!


We will continue our discussion of the idea of the “Redeemer / Messiah.”

We will also discuss how to deal with problems encountered when meditating, such as boredom. 

The Amidah as meditation:“remembers the love of the Patriarchs, and brings a redeemer to their children’s children, for His name’s sake, with love”
Rabbi Kaplan – “Jewish Meditation” pp 115 – 116

Hope in the future
God will bring a redeemer
Safe and sane world
Humanity brought back to God consciousness
Universal peace and good
The process started by the Patriarchs, will be completed by the redeemer

gimel-aleph-lamed: to release; purge
Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, “Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew,” p 34

Ref Gen 48.16: Jacob’s blessing to Joseph

Ref Ex 6.6: God reassures Moses that He will liberate the Hebrews

The Messiah

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, “ Anthology I – The Real Messiah,” pp 319 – 325

Best practices for meditation
Bhante Gunaratana, “Mindlfulness in Plain English,”
Problems, pp 97 – 107