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For Steve Kobrin's Jewish Meditation Class

“Meditation, Judaism, and Self-Mastery”
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Practical Training

How to think the right thoughts

  1. Two modes of thinking

Rabbi Kaplan – “Jewish Meditation,”p. 8
Mochin de-katnuth: “Mentality of childhood”
Mochin de-gadluth: “Mentality of adulthood”

Rabbi Kaplan – “Meditation and Kabbalah”, p 278 – 280
Gadluth and katnuth as states of consciousness
Gadlth – expanded consciousness
Katnuth – constricted consciousness
Achieve Gadluth through meditation

Applies to everything
Joy vs force

  1. How to “talk to yourself”

Rabbi Kaplan – “Meditation and The Bible”
Focus on sin-vav-het
Isaac, pp 101- 102 (Gen 24.63 , p 232 Scharfman)
Verbalization, p 102
Actual speech, p 102
Converse with yourself, p 102
Affixing your mind, p 103

  1. How to form the right thoughts

Steve Siebold, “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class”
Champions know the power of programming, pp 176 – 177
Champions know their brain’s primary purpose, pp 233 – 234
The world class reframes painful past experiences, p 232

  1. How to direct your thoughts

Commander Mark Divine, “The Way of the Seal”

Part 1: The Sentinel, p 77
Part 2: DIRECT Your Mind, pp 78 – 79